Accutane Results

“Does Accutane Make Acne Worse After The Drug Wares Off?”

Are you looking for accutane results? Want the truth about the long-term effects of accutane? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve researched accutane to death and in this report you will discover the devastating long-term results of accutane use. Why in my opinion accutane makes acne worse once the drug wares off…and how to stop it from happening to you.

Does accutane make acne worse in the long term?

While the makers of accutane don’t fully understand how it works, here’s what I think is going on (let me repeat I’m not a doctor and this is only my opinion)….

Accutane is a drug that actually damages your skins sebum glands so they can’t work very well at producing the necessary skin oil. And no doubt about it…damaging your skin’s oil glands in this way surely does stop acne…for the short-term…

But at a HUGE long-term cost!

Not only does accutane damage your skins ability to produce sebum, it also severely damages your liver.

In fact, it’s so damaging to your liver that nearly every dermatologist will require continual liver enzyme testing while on the prescription. This is to make sure the drug isn’t damaging the liver so much that you die. They can’t have that happening… you would no longer be a customer ;-)

But here’s the rub..

Your liver function is EXTREMELY important for long-term acne-free skin. This report explains why: The TRUE Cause of Acne.

If you damage your liver you hinder you’re liver’s ability to “deactivate” and “clear” excess and “used” hormones from your system.

Let me explain…

Think of your liver as a machine inside you that grabs excess and used hormones from your blood. Once it grabs them it “deactivates” them by adding another piece to them. This makes the hormone not work anymore.

Then it sends them out of your system. So you can see why your liver function is so important for hormonal balance (which is so important for long-term acne-free skin).

Well, taking accutane is like pouring glue in the cogs of your “liver machine”.

Doing that slows it way down. This causes all those extra hormones to build up in your blood. But you don’t notice because your skin’s oil glands are so severely damaged by accutane they just don’t respond to the hormones by producing oil.

Then what can happen when accutane wares off?

Well, your skins oil glands recover from the damage. But you still have all these extra hormones in your blood because your liver isn’t working very well…

Making your acne FLARE like CRAZY

This is why so many people report their acne coming back worse after the drug wares off. The only exceptions seems to be if the person has past the time of puberty when the hormonal burden on the liver is significantly reduced.

So you can see why the long-term results of accutane makes acne worse in so many cases.


Accutane is NOT the solution

Damaging your skin so that it can’t produce skin oil is not the answer.

There is only one way to enjoy lasting acne-free skin. And that is to correct at the deepest level the INTERNAL problem that is causing your hormones to get out of balance to start with.

And no acne drug can do that! What about natural acne remedies? What I’ve found is…

…There’s only one path I’ve found in over a decade of research that fixes this deep internal problem that’s causing your acne. What is it? Checkout my special report, The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin. Continued ยป

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  1. what did you do for your skin to clear it up if you didnt use accutane?

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