Accutane Risks

“Thinking About Accutane To Treat Acne? READ THIS FIRST…”

Are you considering accutane for your acne? Well, before you do you need to know the risks.

Before I found the secret that cured my severe acne I was considering accutane. But before I did I researched everything I could about it. And after finding the facts you could not pay me enough to take the drug.

Accutane Facts…

Accutane causes serious permanent side effects…

Accutane causes growth plates to fuse. That’s right, it stops your growth.

Accutane causes permanent vision problems. A person on the drug could experience night blindness and blurred vision. It causes the retina to become rough.

Accutane causes hair to fall out. It can cause baldness long after you’ve stopped taking it.

Many users report serious cases of arthritis long after they stopped accutane.

Accutane can cause permanent liver damage. it is so dangerous that while you’re on the drug you must take liver enzyme tests weekly to determine the damage it has caused.

And accutane can cause serious birth defects long after you’ve stopped taking it.

All of these side effects are admitted by the manufacture. They know accutane is dangerous, that’s why most dermatologists are so hesitant to prescribe it. Now, not everyone on accutane experiences these serious side effects. But is it worth the risk? Well, if your lucky, accutane will only cause mild side effect like red face and dry eyes skin and lips. But…

  • It takes from 2 to 5 months to work if it works at all.
  • It will cause your acne to get worse initially.
  • And It will not cure acne. Your acne will eventually come back after you stop taking it.

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Accutane Side Effects

Accutane has serious, long-term, and sometimes PERMANENT side effects. ALL of these horrific side effects I’m about to reveal in this special report are admitted by Roche…the manufacture of accutane.

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