Acne Antibiotic Treatments

“Why Acne Antibiotic Treatment Like Tetracycline and Minocycline Make Your Acne Worse”

Thinking About Acne Antibiotic Treatment? Then You’d Better Stop Right Now And Read Every Word Of This Report…

You find your self in the middle of another nasty acne flare up, and you’re willing to do just about anything to get rid of it ASAP!

So what does you’re well meaning dermatologist do? Right of the bat, they give you a prescription for an acne antibiotic like tetracycline.

You take the acne antibiotic for awhile, and you know what… it actually helped initially.

You’re overjoyed…so you keep taking it. But troubled waters are a coming. Your bubbles about to burst.

After awhile the drug gets less and less effective. In fact, it stops working entirely, and…

Now your acne is worse then EVER!

And nothing seems to be working!

Well, my friend there was a reason the acne antibiotic stopped working and in fact made your acne worse. And here it is…

Why Your Acne Antibiotic Treatment Stopped Working

Did you realize the acne antibiotic treatment you were on actually caused the acne bacteria to mutate into super-strain acne bacteria?

Shocking as it sounds it true!

You see, what actually happens is acne antibiotic treatment kills off the acne bacteria in your system.

Sound pretty good so far huh?

Not so fast…

The problem is your skin still contains all the ingredients for acne bacteria to flourish. To understand why checkout my special report The Acne Bacteria Myth.

Anyway, because acne bacteria is EVERYWHERE it eventually re-infects your skin… but this time they get smarter.

In fact they actually mutate so they can resist the acne antibiotic. They get tougher, and meaner, and harder to kill. Now it’s going to take even more of the acne antibiotic to kill them.

But they always come back… this time they get even meaner and tougher. At this point no amount of acne antibiotics will work. The bacteria has become “ant-biotic resistant”.

Ask you dermatologist about it. Even they will tell you tetracycline or any other acne antibiotic can only work short-term before it stops working. And now you now why.

And if that’s not enough, acne antibiotic treatment actually causes serious damage to your internal system that makes your acne WORSE.

And here’s why… Continued ยป

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