Acne and Diet Factors – Part 2

The Hidden Connection – Part 2

There ARE some VERY key dietary principles that relate to acne (BUT DO NOT CAUSE ACNE) that you must understand.

The program, Your LAST Acne Solution covers ALL the basic dietary principles that DIRECTLY effect acne, how they effect acne, and EVERYTHING you should know about diet and acne, and it uncovers all the myth and lore surrounding the acne diet issue.

Believe me, It’s a must read for ALL acne sufferers. But please understand it is NOT a “special” acne diet. No acne diet can cure acne. Anybody who says it can is either just plain ignorant, or is outright lying.

Acne Diet Secrets…

Below are several special reports that address different aspects of the acne diet question. I would suggest you read them all. Click the links to access them. Continued ยป


Sugar and acne

Many people claim they notice a relationship to refined sugar and acne. Well my friend, there is so much more to the sugar/acne relationship then that. This report unmasks the whole sugar acne issue.


The Hypoglycemic Index and Acne…The WHOLE Story

Many people claim there is a relationship between high glycemic foods and acne. Yet others say it doesn’t matter at all…

Well my friend, they’re BOTH wrong.

In this report you discover the key MISSING piece to the hypoglycemic index and acne issue, why you should ignore the hypoglycemic index and what you SHOULD pay attention to instead.


Iodine and acne

You’ve heard for years that excess iodine in your diet causes acne in acne prone individuals.

What’s the real scoop?

I’ve tested this theory thoroughly. And in this report you will discover all the surprising details about the whole iodine acne issue and the results of years of tests with iodine and acne.

Bookmark this page and check back here because I’ll be posting the following acne diet reports soon…

Dietary Fat and Acne

Conventional wisdom about dietary fat and acne COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG! In this amazing report I’m going to reveal to you the results of YEARS of fats and acne research. This report is a MUST read for all acne sufferers.

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