Acne and Diet Factors

“Can You Cure Your Acne Simply By Changing Your Diet?”

The unexpected answer revealed in this acne diet report

Any dermatologist will tell you that diet has nothing to do with acne. Then you have others who claim that you can cure your acne with a “special” acne diet.

What’s the real scoop?

Well my friend, if you’re looking for acne diet answers then you’ve come to the right place. What you’re about to discover in this report is the result of years of tireless research and experimentation.

After you’ve read this report you will know exactly the role diet plays in acne, what acne diet “common wisdom” is pure myth… And mostly importantly what acne diet factors get results, and what “acne diets” are a complete waste of time and sometimes DANGEROUS.


Is Diet A Factor For Acne Sufferers?

After I gave up on traditional acne treatments to cure my acne one of the first natural acne remedies I turned to was dietary factors. Believe me I tried them ALL over the course of year s… vegetarianism, veganism, the Wai diet, the mucus-free diet, the low-carb diet, Atkins, frutarianism, the raw food diet, macrobiotics, Fit For Life, the Natural Hygiene diet, the alkaline diet…just to name a few.

I tried them ALL with 110% passion and convict ion… I never cheat ed… I followed them to the letter, and carefully monitored the results of each dietary approach and it’s affect on acne. And I’m telling you from direct and personal experience, and all my experience helping other acne sufferers no acne diet ALONE will cure acne!

Let me say that again… No diet alone can cure acne. All my experience with acne sufferers validates that.

There are underlying INTERNAL problems causing your acne that you’ve got to DIRECTLY address and correct which no acne diet can do.

Think about it…

If the wrong diet caused acne then virtually everyone eating the “wrong diet” would suffer from acne to some degree or another.. .which isn’t the case. But there is something unusual about the acne diet question you must know… Continued ยป

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