Acne Herbs

“How To Use Acne Herbs And Other Alternative Acne Treatments”

Herbal acne remedies can be very effective (FOR THE SHORT-TERM) if you use them right.

After experimenting with a lot of herbs here is what I found…

The most important organ to for acne treatment is your liver. Your liver purifies the blood removing toxins and hormones that aggravate acne. If this specific aspect of your liver function is not working properly or is overburdened somehow you suffer acne… no way around it. Therefore the most effective herbs for acne treatment are herbs that strengthen liver function.

The acne herbs that do that best are…

Burdock: It is a potent blood purifier. It works by stimulating liver function.

Yellow Dock: It works by stimulating bile and gallbladder function and is also a blood purifier. (Oh so important for acne treatment).

Dandelion Root: This herb is a digestive aid and yet another powerful liver tonic.

Oregon Grape: It is an effective liver protector.

Other herbs that aids liver function are Red Clover and Milk Thistle . For me these herbs didn’t give dramatic effects, yet they are still beneficial for acne.

And Echinacea can be effective for killing acne bacteria. But this herb should only be used for the VERY SHORT-TERM!

In addition to these herbs a few more I have found useful are…

Saw Palmetto and Beta Sito Sterol (actually this is not an herb it is a plant sterol extract, but still very effective on acne). These have the effect of balancing out the hormone testosterone and can be very effective in males.

The herb Vitex may be beneficial for some females. In some cases it helps to balance out female hormones. My tests with it were a hit and miss.

And the sarsaparilla is said to help balance hormones. The results of this herb were subtle for me, however everybody is different; you might want to experiment with it.

But The Bad News is Acne Herbs Won’t Cure Acne … Sorry :(

As a healer told me…

You don’t have acne because of and acne herbs deficiency!

Why can’t acne herbs cure acne? Why do acne herbs only work short term? Here’s why… Continued ยป

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