Acne Antibiotic Treatment – Part 2

“Why Acne Antibiotic Treatment Always Makes Acne Worse in the Long Run”

Acne antibiotics like tetracycline are what’s known as broad spectrum antibiotics. Meaning they kills lots of stuff of different kinds. Acne antibiotics are supposed to kill the acne bacteria that are aggravating your ance. And no doubt about it they do that very efficiently… short-term.

But here’s the interesting part…

Not only do they kill acne bacteria, but they kill virtually ALL bacteria in your system.

But isn’t that a good thing?

Nope… not at all. In fact it’s…


And here’s why…

You’re body actually needs “friendly bacteria” to work. Now before you think I should check in to a funny farm please hear me out…

In fact, you have several POUNDS of this friendly bacteria in your body right now… REALLY! (That is if you’re healthy.)

And it mostly lives in your digestive tract.

They have names like acidophilus, bifidobacteria, bacillus substilis… stuff like that. But the names don’t matter. What matters is what they do.

These friendly bacteria actually “pre-digest” food so you can absorb it. Not only that, they kill bad bacteria that may enter your system.

And if that’s not enough, they coat your digestive tract with a protective layer so parasites and bad bacteria can’t take hold or damage it.

And they eat away any “gunk” that may build up in your digestive tract from bad food or undigested food.

Needless to say they are VITAL for every level of health.

Without them you can’t really absorb nutrition very well. And bad bacteria, yeasts, and molds take over…actually overgrowing in your system.

And without them “garbage” builds up in your digestive tract just as if you stopped taking out the garbage in your house.

But, what does this have to do acne?

Well, good question…

Think of your G.I. tract as your inner skin. And in fact the health of your outer skin is DIRECTLY associated to the health of your inner skin… your G.I. tract.

So if something comes along and messes up your G.I. tract, it also messes up your outer skin.

And acne anti-biotics mess up your G.I. tract like nothing else. They wipe out all the friendly bacteria that are protecting your G.I. tract.

After the acne antibiotic has killed the friendly bacteria unfriendly bacteria quickly grow like crazy.

Think of the friendly bacteria as little warriors defending the fort. And the unfriendly bacteria as blood-thirsty mongrels who want to take the fort.

They are constantly battling each other. But the good news is, unless you kill the friendly bacteria off they can easily fight off the bad bacteria.

But let’s say the bad bacteria “take the fort”. They take over your G.I. tract. So friendly bacteria that do get to your G.I. tract is quickly killed by the blood-thirsty bad bacteria.

In fact, it takes LOTS of work to re-implant friendly bacteria once bad bacteria have taken over.

But what does all this have to do with acne….?

More then you could ever possibly realize!

You see these bad bacteria are very ill-mannered. They actually eat whatever they can and “poop” out toxins known as mycotoxins.

Now these mycotoxins (bad bacteria poop) weaken your liver function like nothing else.

And your liver is the MOST important organ for healthy, acne-free skin. (Please checkout my special report, The TRUE Cause of Acne to understand why.)

If it’s not doing its job clearing excess hormones from your system you’re going to get acne… no way around it.

The bottom line is you need a healthy liver and digestive tract to have healthy, acne free skin.

But ance antibiotic treatment like tetracycline or minocycline wipe out friendly bacteria completely, which cause bad bacteria to take over, which (among many other bad things) causes mycotoxins to build up in your system…which weakens your liver like nothing else…which lead to ance that’s WORSE then EVER

Whew… pretty involved process huh?

The bottom line is acne antibiotic treatment is BAD NEWS. I don’t care what your dermatologist tells you… the treatment will only make your acne worse.

Don’t do it…

Don’t fall for it. Because the damage acne antibiotic treatment does to your system can take years to fix.

Acne antibiotics are NOT necessary. You can cure your acne without them or any other drug for that matter. How? Well it won’t be easy. But it can be done. I’ve prepared a special acne e-tutorial that gives details. Claim your copy hereContinued ยป

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  1. My question is how long will this medication take to actually show results I been on erythromycin almost a month now and my face isnt really showing much improvment.

  2. Cathrine Pickar says:

    Cool post it is surely. My girlfriend has been searching for this tips.

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