Aloe Vera For Acne Treatment

“Aloe Vera Accelerates Healing Of Wounds And Damaged Skin, But Is It Useful For Acne?”

Aloe vera can be used very effectively both internally and externally for so many different things.

But does it work for acne treatment? Find out below…

Aloe Vera – What it is

Aloe Vera gel is the inner part of the aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries for burns, to heal damaged skin, and for digestive and intestinal problems.

It has proven to accelerate healing because among other things it has the ideal polysaccharides necessary for the skin to repair. It gives the skin the “building blocks” to repair.

It also accelerates healing of the “inner skin” (the delicate bowel lining).

But should you use it for acne treatment?

Does Aloe Vera Help Acne Sufferers?

In one word… YES!

No doubt about it aloe vera WILL help your skin heal from the damage cause by your acne. It WILL lesson redness and swelling. And it WILL improve the overall health of your skin.

But it WON’T cure acne… Sorry :(

No topical or external acne treatment can cure acne. The only way to do that is internally. (See THE Acne Cure E-Tutorial).

How to Use Aloe Vera For Acne Treatment

Find a source of pure aloe vera gel. The best source would be from a life aloe plant, but if you can’t get that the next best is the pure aloe vera gel (try to get pure aloe gel without any additional ingredients except maybe a stabilizer. Apply it liberally after washing before you go to be. It’s as simple as that. Continue ยป

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