The Truth About Back Acne – Part 2

The Difference Between Back Acne and Facial Acne – Part 2

But with back acne and acne that shows up on the neck hormones are not nearly as big as a factor. Sure, they still play a major role, but much greater factor in back acne is your blood and lymph system becomes OVERWHELMED with congesting blood and lymph toxins.

Back acne sufferers generally have much more of a problem with these nasty little congesting toxins that gum up everything and create all the trouble.

That’s the key difference.

But what can be done about it?

Well, the good news is I don’t care what ANYBODY has told you you don’t have to suffer from back acne.

I know, because I’ve done it! I suffered severe back acne and now I don’t despite all the Docs and dermatologists telling me it could not be done.

But you’ve got to give up something…

You’ve got to give up a lot of the old believes you had about acne. Because I’m telling you, they are all bull. And as long as you hold onto them they are going to stop you from ever curing it!

Next, learn from someone who’s done it.

It was pure luck that I stumbled across the secret that cured my severe back acne. And yet more years of dedicated work before I finally pieced together all the factors in the acne puzzle.

And c’mon…what are the odds you’re going to get that lucky? And you don’t want to take a decade to figure it out.

So learn from my experience…

How you say?

Well I’ve put together a special acne e-tutorial that covers the basics of what you need to do about your back acne and acne in general. You’d be crazy if you don’t! Check it out hereContinued ยป

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