Colloidal Silver for Acne Treatment

“Does Colloidal Silver Cure Acne? Or Is It Just Another Acne Treatments Dead End?”

Colloidal silver is heavily touted on the web as to cure acne. But does it work?

I’ve tested colloidal silver acne treatment thoroughly. Here are my findings…

Colloidal Silver – What It Is

Colloidal silver is silver that is processed with electricity in a specific way to make it into a colloidal state. Which simply means its “particle” sizes are so small the silver stays suspended in liquid.

Silver in this colloidal state has unique properties…

Because the particles are so small they move in and out of the walls of cells readily. This not only make is highly adsorbable by cells, but also it prevents it from building up to toxic levels. Any excess colloidal silver will simply “pass through” the cell wall and be flushed out of the system.

That’s why colloidal silver can’t poison you.

But what’s more interesting is silver in the ultra fine particle size of colloids has a very large surface area. And when bacteria, viruses, and fungus come into contact with the colloidal silver particles the silver kills them.

And what’s even more interesting is it will kill the harmful organisms without harming any healthy cellular tissue.

So you can see colloidal silver is very useful for so many things. But does it cure acne?

Colloidal Silver Acne Treatment – Does it work?

I’ve tested colloidal silver as a natural acne remedy thoroughly. I’ve tested various brands, doses, and potencies. I tested it both… Continued ยป

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