Differin Gel Acne Treatment

Differin Gel Acne Treatment, Is It Safe? Does it Work?

Are you thinking about differin gel for acne treatment. Get the facts before you decide…

What it is…

Differin gel or cream is a topical retinoid compound that is applied to the skin externally in gel or cream form. Differin is in the same family as the drug isotretinoin otherwise known as Accutane. The major difference is that differin it applied externally and not taken internally. Basically differin is a topical synthetic vitamin A derivative.

Does it work?

Well, yes and no. Differin gel in trials has been shown to lessen the severity of acne lesions. But just like most topical acne medications differin has the same problems of drying and sensitivity. It may help for some of you, but a lot of you will be sensitive to differin and only aggravate your acne worse. Common side effects of differin gel are drying, burning, sensitivity to sunlight, erythema, scaling, puritus. Puritus occurs in about 20% of the patients on differin.

What’s The Problem With Differin?

Well, like all topical treatments for acne, differin does nothing for the actual cause. It only treats the symptoms of acne. Your acne will always come back until you eliminate the root cause. Acne starts on the inside.

Is Differin Safe?

Many believe that because they aren’t ingesting differin than it must be a safe alternative to accutane. You all know the nasty side effect accutane causes. Well my friend, differin is the same chemical compound. And your skin absorbs it, eventually ending up in your blood. For more information please see my special report Why Differin Gel is NOT a Safe Alternative To Accutane.

How I Cured My Acne Without Differin Gel…

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