Herbal Acne Treatments

“Can Herbal Acne Treatments Cure Acne?”

Unusual Findings About Herbal Acne Treatments

I‘ve tested zillions of herbal acne treatments over the years… ZILLIONS! (O.k. that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But you get the idea.)

While most proved to be very disappointing belief it or not SOME herbal acne treatments actually worked SURPRISINGLY well… for the SHORT-TERM.

But not one ever worked for the long-term…

Not one!

In this report you will discover the answer to a mystery that took YEARS to solve. You’ll understand why SOME herbal acne treatments worked so well in the beginning, but then STOP working.

And I’ll reveal to you what NO herbalist understands… How to get LASTING, long-term results with herbal acne treatments.

You won’t find this insider information anywhere else…

Why Some Herbal Acne Treatments Actually Work For Acne

I’m the very first to tell you that YES belief it or not some herbal acne treatments proved to be very powerful for acne sufferers… for the short-term.

And the ones that worked (most did not), had ONE thing in common…

The herbal blend strengthened and improved liver function… there by purifying the blood and helping to balance hormones…


The herbal blend killed fungal forms that stress the liver oh so much.

To understand why this is so important please checkout this report here: The TRUE Cause of Acne.

It’s your liver that “deactivates” and clears excess and used hormones from your system. And it’s also your liver’s that purifies your blood of the congesting toxins that aggravate acne so very much.

So, if it’s not working at capacity in this regard, then you’re going to suffer from acne no matter what you do.

Well, there are some herbs that can temporarily stimulate your liver to WORK better. And it’s these herbal blends that work for acne sufferers.

There are also herbs that help to kill fungal forms that weaken your liver so much. (This important distinction will prove to be VERY valuable for long-term results so stay with me.)

So the net effect is your liver works better at clearing excess and used hormones out of your system… and cleaning your blood. There by improving acne.

Sounds pretty good so far right?

Well, there’s a BIG problem that will ALWAYS prevent herbal acne treatments from working long-term.

To understand why you need to understand… Continued ยป

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