Hormonal Acne – Part 2

How to Clear Excess Hormones From Your System

The key to clearing your hormonal acne is to see to it any excess and used hormones are quickly “deactivated” and cleared from your system. In this lesson you’ll discover how…

So far you understand that your hormonal acne is an important message that something is going very wrong internally. And you now have a solid understanding of just what’s causing all the trouble. Now let’s get down to business “fixing” the problem. Balancing hormones is the first key step to doing that.

I know we covered this a little bit in the last lesson, but I’m going to elaborate more in this lesson.

Your Hormonal “River”

Think of it this way…

Your body is constantly making hormones. Think of those as a river (hormones) flowing into a pond (your internal system). Then your body is constantly “deactivating” and getting rid of these hormones after they have been “used”…

Think of that as the stream of water running out of the pond.

But what would happen if you dammed up the stream of water leaving the pond?

The “pond” would overflow and flood the surroundings.

Well, that’s what happens if something stops excess and “used” hormones from “flowing” out of your system?

They get “all out of balance”… leading to hormonal acne and many other chronic hormonally related health problems.

And if you suffer from hormonal acne then I can assure you this is happening to you.

So what’s causing this to happen anyway? And how do you stop it?

Well, first you need to understand how your body “deactivates” and gets rid of hormones…

(Stay with me, because this is about to get very interesting…)

How Your Body Gets Rid of Hormones

First hormones are produces by various glands throughout your system. These hormones are then transported to the various hormone receptors throughout your system where they cause their effect.

Think of the hormones themselves as “keys” and hormone receptors as “key holes”. They will only “fit” in the hormone receptor they are designed for.

Anyway, what happens after these hormones are “used” by the hormone receptors?

They are then transported by your blood and lymph to your liver. Your liver then “deactivates” them by adding another piece to them so they can’t “fit” into any hormonal receptor “key holes”.

These deactivated hormones are then expelled by your bowels and kidneys.

Don’t worry about understanding all this perfectly. Just get the basic concept here…

Hormones must get “deactivated” and then getout of your system after they have been used or they will become chronically imbalanced

The problem is this “hormonal highway” can get messed up so hormones can’t get out of your system.

The end result is CHRONIC hormonal imbalance and the dreaded hormonal acne!

So what do you do about it?

How to “Fix” Your Hormonal Regulating System

Isn’t that the million dollar question. And luckily I have the million dollar answer…

After years of focused research the secret to repairing and regenerating this hormonal regulating system has been discovered. And after yet more years of trial and error and refining and “tweaking” a ground-breaking program has been developed.

Using this program I believe virtually anyone can get rid of their hormonal acne once and for all.

The 5 parts to this program work together in a very specific way to “fix” your body’s natural hormonal regulating system so that your body can quickly “deactivate” and “expel” any excess and used hormones from your system.

In addition to that, the 5 parts to the program are also designed to correct the internal problem that’s causing congesting blood and lymph toxins to buildup in your system.

The bottom line is this program is the only solution in existence that direclty addresses ROOT problems causing your hormonal acne.

However there are some caveats. While many do see dramatic results with just step one it will take discipline and time to complete the remaining steps. If you’re not up for it PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste your time or my time. It’s not for you.

However, if you are ready to do what it takes your search is over. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

While it won’t be easy, once you’ve completed the steps the results will be lasting.

Here’s a great example from our online forum from Dan…

When asked what results he got after completing the steps he responded…

“My skin has never looked better…”

My skin has never looked better. In fact, I feel great about it. I think this is the best it has looked in over a decade!

I no longer always have an inflamed area somewhere nor do I wake up to 2-4 new zit friends everyday. In fact, I haven’t seen a real zit in weeks! After steadily decreasing in frequency and size (they went down to pin head size) I’ve have no more whiteheads at all.

I did take several months (Jan until April) and I was getting pretty frustrated for a while, but I will never get off this program…

All I can say is this was the best money I’ve spent!!


If your ready to find out how he did it and how you can end your hormonal acneContinue »

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