Iodine and Acne

“Does Iodine In Your Diet Cause Acne?”

Here’s My Results…

For years and years dermatologists have claimed that there was a link between iodine in the diet and acne. They say iodine will induce acne in an acne prone person.

Well, I’ve tested this theory again and again.

I’ve tested various doses and sources of iodine. And I’ve tested cutting out ALL iodine. I have yet to link iodine to the actual cause of acne.  Does it aggrivate existing acne?  Maybe.

If you want to give the theory a test you could try drastically lowering your iodine dose.

You will find iodine highest in sea vegetables like kelp, seaweed, or algae. Many types of seafood are also high in iodine. Anything with carragennan and dulse in it will have higher levels of iodide because it is derived from seaweed. Salt will often be iodized but you can get non-iodized salt. Also check any supplements you may be taking for high levels of iodine.

So give it a try… see if you can make a connection.

You should be aware that iodine is a necessary nutrient. However, it would take months and months of an iodine deficient diet before you would start to see any serious symptoms. Continue ยป

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