Sugar and Acne – Part 3

“How to PREVENT Sugar From Aggravating Your Acne”

So what’s the solution to the sugar acne problem?

Well, you’ve got to “build” and “strengthen” your liver function in this regard. Once you do that, then you’ll be able to eat some sugar yet still have perfect skin.

So you can see it’s NOT sugar itself that causes acne… but a liver that is drastically compromised and overwhelmed with too many hormones all at one time.

Sugar only aggravates an already compromised situation.

You can’t really cure acne by giving up sugar. You can only lesson the severity or manage acne symptoms. But to cure acne permanently you must “rebuild” and “revitalize” liver function.

How do you do that?

Boy isn’t that the million dollar question. And luckily I have the million dollar answer. And it took years of work to figure out. Luckily you don’t have to wait years. I reveal ALL in the groundbreaking program, “Your LAST Acne Solution”. Check it out.

Sugar and Acne: Guidelines You Should Follow Now to Prevent an Acne Flare up…

Until you “build” back liver capacity to clear hormones you should avoid chocolate. You should avoid all processed sugars. And ingest vary sparingly simple natural sugars such as honey, molasses, or maple syrup.

You should avoid ALL fruit juices except the low-sugar fruit juices from fresh lemon and lime.


Because sugar from fruit juice (without the fiber of the fruit) enters your blood stream too quickly. It just spikes blood sugars too violently for you as an acne sufferer.

In addition to that, high sugar fruits such as bananas should also be eaten in small quantities at any one time.

The key is NOT to overwhelm your system at any one time with excess sugar at any one time.

“But I gotta have something sweet!!!”

Hey, I hear you. I know where you’re at. I have a sweet tooth as well.

What if there was a way to enjoy all the sweet stuff you enjoy now yet NOT aggravate your acne in any way? And not get fat from them either?

Well, the good news is there is a way.

Using this discovery you can immediately enjoy all the sweet things you do now, yet suffer NONE of the bad effects of excess sugar. It’s really a pretty amazing discovery.

What is it?

Well, stay tuned for that. How, subscribe to “The natural acne Remedies Insider”.

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