Tetracycline For acne Treatment

Tetracycline for Acne Treatment

“Considering Tetracycline To Treat Acne?Find Out What We Uncovered”

You’ve heard about Tetracycline to treat acne, and you’re wondering if it’s right for your acne. Before I cured my severe acne I researched just about every acne treatment, tetracycline included. And during that research uncovered just why tetracycline stops working and makes acne worse in the long-run.

Here’s why…

It is a broad-based anti-biotic that kills acne bacteria. Therefore, if you have cystic acne it might help. But if you have blackheads Tetracycline will do nothing for you.

But what’s the problem?

The single greatest problem with Tetracycline is it destroys your body’s primary immune defense, the friendly bacteria in the colon. That causes your body to be dependent on the anti-biotic.

But it gets worse…

Eventually the bacteria become immune to the anti-biotic. Tetracycline causes bacteria to mutate into “super strain” bacteria. It is now unable to kill the bacteria. And it is that much harder for your body’s immune system to kill these super stain bacteria.

So in the long run it actually makes your acne worse.

Want to know more how this happens? Please checkout my special report on the dangers of acne anti-biotics, why they stopped working, and why they made your acne worse. It’s a must read if you are considering tetracycline for acne treatment.

Why Acne Antibiotics Like Tetracycline Made Your Acne Worse

I was a severe acne sufferer and was considering Tetracycline. Luckily, I stumbled upon a far more effective way to treat acne. It’s deadly effective and has no side effects.

Here is the breakthrough program that cured my severe acne… How I beat my severe acne WITHOUT tetracycline. Continued »

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