Zinc Acne Treatment – Part 2

“The Missing Piece To Zinc Acne Treatment”

How to Use Zinc Acne Treatment Effectively

First remember that zinc does not act independently. Zinc will only be effective at normalizing hormone production and normalizing skin oil if used in conjunction with the zinc specific zinc co-factors. More on this acne secret here ».

In addition to that, you need to be aware of zinc inhibitors and avoid them.

Next, you need to ingest OPTIMAL levels of zinc in your system.

Zinc is found in foods such as egg yolks, fish, legumes, soy lecithin, sunflower seeds, and whole grains.

You should always try to get your nutrition from foods, but here’s the rub…

Zinc is a mineral (not a vitamin). And foods will only have as much zinc in them as they soil they were grown in had.

No zinc in the soil… no zinc in the food…

And conventional farming methods use fertilizers that do NOT contain zinc. As a result most foods have little to no zinc.

The same goes for animal food sources of zinc. The resultant food will only have as much zinc as the diet of the animal had.

It’s pretty hard to get it from your diet alone these days. It’s a very common deficiency.

Since it’s such a key mineral for acne sufferers, and pretty inexpensive, this is definitely one of the minerals I would suggest you consider supplementing with.

I’ve researched and experimented with zinc acne treatment to death. And I can tell you from all my research and experimentation that there are only 2 forms of zinc that consistently work for zinc acne treatment… EVERY other form of supplemental zinc did not work accept these 2 forms…

What are they?

Zinc gluconate and Zinc Monomethionine (otherwise known as Opti-Zinc).

And of the 2 I strongly favor Opti-Zinc (Zinc Monomethionine). Don’t waste your time with any other form of zinc.

If you read all the studies on zinc acne treatment, generally they were using in the range of 30-100 mg a day. And it is often suggested that zinc should not be taken in excess of 100 mg a day.

But here’s the twist on that…

Copper is a competing mineral for zinc. Excess copper hinders the action of zinc in your system.

And with the widespread use of copper piping and birth control pills (very high in copper), copper toxicity has become more and more common.

If you have high levels of copper in your system then you will need to take zinc in as high as 300 mg a day for before you will get results with zinc acne treatment.

If you do not have excess copper in your system then 50-100 mg a day will work like a charm if used in conjunction with the zinc co-factors.

How do you know if you have a copper toxicity?

Good question.

If you take birth control pills then you are at a very high risk. If you drink tap water from copper pipes that is not filtered or purified in some way then you’re at a considerable risk.

If you have a Caucasian blood line and your nipples are brown (not pink) then you have a SEVERE copper toxicity.

In addition to that, someone skilled in a muscle testing procedure known as applied kinesiology can quickly test you for a copper toxicity non-evasively. It’s a simple procedure you can learn your self with a little practice.

Zinc Acne Treatment Effective, Yet Not Enough to Cure Acne

While zinc is a very KEY mineral for normalizing hormone production realize that hormones are one half the acne puzzle… congesting blood and lymph toxins are the other half, and zinc doesn’t do anything to fix that.

So you need to use zinc acne treatment as part of a more comprehensive program to balance your hormones and purify your blood. Checkout The Acne Cure E-Tutorial to discover how. Continue »

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